Embarking on a Healthy Lifestyle

Every new year, we write it down in our resolutions not realizing how big of a deal this thing actually is. It has been personally on my list for four consecutive years, and never once was I fully aware of how much work it requires until lately. I’m talking about having a healthy lifestyle; from hitting the gym, to cutting out junk food and sugars, and to losing weight. Little do we know that to have a healthy lifestyle, we need the proper mindset for it before we jump into anything.

Earlier this year, I started following a healthy diet with the help of a nutritionist since I failed on my own. It lasted one month and a half before I caved in to my unhealthy fat-rich cravings on an almost daily-basis. So logically I put on the weight I originally lost… and from that point onwards, every time I tried to get back on the healthy track, I couldn’t last longer than a day. My sweet tooth is stronger than my will power. So I got out my planner and listed down all the reasons why I want to be fit; from silly reasons to serious ones. And I also wrote down some motivational quotes and words as quick reminders to why I’m doing this. Hoping that reading those words whenever I just think of caving in would prevent me from getting off track. However, I came to the realization that having a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about reaching my weight goal. It’s about actually living a healthy lifestyle, all day night long, mentally and physically.

I grew up with zero restrictions to meal times, meal portions, and calories. I also had zero limitations to junk food, sweets and sugars. And that is how I gained weight along the years (especially during my teenage years), and got my ever-strong sweet tooth. I just ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and that messed my eating habits up. Because believe me, if you bring me a bag full of sweets and chips, I’ll eat them all in one sitting one after another even if there is no room in my tummy. I’ll make room to whatever if my taste buds ask for it; that has always been the rule for me, and no one really minded until I did recently. I realized that if I don’t permanently change my eating habits, I’ll only put on weight even right after losing a big chunk. And that’s when I realized that changing to a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about losing weight and hitting the gym, it’s about building the proper fit mindset for it to last an eternity.

So right now in my life, I’m at a point where I’m struggling between my messed up eating habits, my ever-strong sweet tooth, and my honest will power to adapt a healthy lifestyle. I’m at hopefully a turning point in my life that requires so much mental and physical power. It’s going to be so hard but I truly want to make it work. I want to have a healthy lifestyle that literally becomes my way of rocking life!

To be honest, I didn’t want to share any of my trials to embark on a healthy lifestyle before I make it to the safe zone. But that’s all I’ve been lately doing and so all what I’ve been thinking of so I couldn’t just hide it. Plus, I think it could be a nice way of documenting my so-called “health & fitness journey”. Feel free to drop any kind of advice, motivation, or even personal experience in the comments below. I hope you enjoy your weekend to the fullest, friends. Cheers!


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2 thoughts on “Embarking on a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. I’m also realizing that being healthy is much more than just eating healthy. My new year resolutions included getting into shape, though I hit a bump in the road in my personal life in early January that had me spending most of my time eating and sleeping. I’m coming out of it now and working hard to stay motivated, but the struggle is real!

    I actually wrote a post a few weeks ago about the benefits of getting outside (even when you really just want to lay on the couch).

    Thanks for sharing your experience so far!

    xx Angela


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